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Serving skiers, boarders & snow enthusiasts throughout Southern California since 1956

Some of the best adventures start with the Wailers!

The Wailers Ski, Snowboard, and Social Club is comprised of snow and outdoor enthusiasts of every ability. We are united by a shared passion to enjoy life and reward ourselves for our hard work. When we're not dominating the slopes, our L.A.-based community stays active and connected throughout the year with a wide range of social gatherings, special events, and daring adventures. Check us out and amp up your social life!

Clubs serve as an excellent gateway to the exhilarating realm of winter sports, providing an welcoming introduction for skiers and snowboarders alike. At the Wailers, we are dedicated to ensuring your journey to Mammoth Mountain is as hassle-free as can be. With comfortable mountainside lodgings, chef-prepared meals, an array of wine selections & flowing beer taps, your sole responsibility is to arrive ready for adventure! We'll take care of your safe transportation, allowing you to channel all your energy into conquering the slopes!

As the allure of Southern California's sunshine pulls us from the ski trails, we orchestrate a diverse array of activities designed to keep us active, connected, and content. Our calendar brims with options, including lively house gatherings, happy hours, dance soirées, hometown concerts, invigorating hikes, boating and camping adventures, unusual excursions, and culturally-enriching affairs. With a expansive menu of choices, we offer our community access to a vibrant social life all year long!

We are more than just a means to reach the mountains. From our humble beginnings, we've evolved into a close-knit community of extraordinary individuals who revel in each other's company, embrace new experiences, extend a helping hand, and lift each other up, often quite literally! In fact, some have even discovered love within our midst!

Membership isn't a requirement to attend our events - everyone is welcome. Yet, we think that after you experience the fun and camaraderie, you'll probably wonder why you didn't find us sooner!

What's on the Calendar?

Are you ready to uncover a world of exciting adventures and vibrant connections? Our membership is your key to unlocking a treasure trove of experiences and friendships waiting just for you! Your next adventure begins here. Take the first step in the journey to becoming part of the Wailers community.

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