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What do I get for my money?
2022 Mammoth
Trip Schedule
The value our trips offer is unparalleled! Registration includes:
  • Two (2) nights' lodging at Mammoth Mountain Inn (ski in/ski out)

  • Round- trip luxury bus transportation (features tv's & restroom)

  • Chef-prepared 4-course dinner on Saturday evening

  • To-go dinner for Sunday trip home

  • Unlimited microbrew beer, wine, water & soft drinks all weekend

  • Song, dance and loads of memories!

I'm ready to go, so what can I expect?


January 6 - 8, 2023


January 27 - 29, 2023


February 24 - 26, 2023


March 10 - 12,  2023


March 24 - 26, 2023


April 15 - 17, 2023

(Saturday - Monday)

Before The Trip

Pack "efficiently."  It may seem difficult when planning for a ski trip, but between food, skiis/boards, boots, luggage and food for 40+ people, space is tight. Consolidate where you can: if you can fit your boots and/or ski clothes in your ski bag, that would be a big help!  The hotel has towels blow dryers and soap/shampoo, so you don't have to pack these items as well.  The rest of the trip is casual, so no need to pack four pair of shoes or your formal dinner tuxedo! There is a heated pool and spas available, so don't forget your swimsuit!  Make sure all your personal items are CLEARLY MARKED so you can easily identify them when unloading.  You may want to pack some snacks for the bus ride up Friday night.  If you are getting on in Sherman Oaks, arrive early to find a parking spot on the street and if you want to get something from their deli to go.  The bus leaves ON TIME and will not wait!  Please allow plenty of time to get to your pick up point at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure!  Friday night traffic is heavy, so you may want to car pool so you can use the car pool lanes and you may want to familiarize yourself with all the bus pickup locations in the event you are likely to miss your spot and need to pick it up in Sherman Oaks or Antelope Valley.  If you don't like loud music, you may want to pack some ear plugs (the Wailers like to party!). This is a trip for persons over the age of 21 years old.

​​​On The Bus

Plan on having fun, socializing, and making plenty of new friends.  Wailers like to party and have a good time, so there is very often spontaneous sing-alongs, dancing and assorted other social activities thrown in no particular order.  The trips often have themes, so keep your eyes on Facebook & Meetup for more information as trip date approaches.  People often bring jello shots and other items to share, but that is up to each individual.  The bus can be a bit loud, so if you want to sleep, ear plugs are recommended and you may want to sit more towards the front of the bus if you want a mellower ride.  The beer and wine are usually in the back of the bus, which coincidentally is where the singing and dancing seems to originate...

Sleeping Arrangements

To keep prices as affordable as possible, the sleeping arrangements are generally shared, semi-dormitory style, meaning nobody gets a private room.  Generally speaking the accommodations are condo-style with a loft on the top floor, a common living area on the middle floor and two or three bedrooms on the bottom floor.  Those traveling solo or not part of an actual couple are assigned a twin bed in the loft and couples or persons willing to share a bed are assigned to the bedrooms.  Mammoth Mountain Inn charges us "by the pillow", so no one gets preferential treatment and every effort is made to group by gender, etc.  We have no control over the actual accommodations so, as a result, occasionally the pull-out sofas are used when a bus is fully booked and the resort is short on rooms.  We often don't know the exact bed configuration until arrival, so sleeping arrangements and/or roomate preferences are NOT guaranteed.

​​​Meals & Beverages

The trip price includes unlimited beer, wine, water & soft drinks all weekend.  It also includes dinner on Saturday evening, as well as a to-go style meal on the bus ride home. You may want to bring something to eat for the bus ride up. ​Breakfast is not included in the price. When available, just throw a few bucks in the pot to cover the cost of the additional food. Details will be provided on the bus on which room numbers breakfast and dinner will be served in.

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