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  • Great friends

  • Great ski trips

  • Save money on ski trips

  • Racing

  • Activities year-round

  • Great award-winning newsletter

  • Great parties

  • We're 100% snowboard friendly


Annual Dues:
  • $40.00 per year

  • Members receive discounted rates on most Wailers ski trips and events.

Apply for Membership
Go to Store page and pay your app fee
For existing membership renewals, please go to the 'Members Only' section and 'Sign in'/'Sign up' to gain access.

Vice President

Membership Director


Technical Director

Regina Reilly

Trudi Lesser

Open Position

Dan Rugenstein

Pete Smith

Norm Cooper

Michele Ambers

Vaughn Manthe

Jim Kemper

Lydia Kemper

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Membership FAQ's

Q.  I am signed up on your Meetup group, so I get a member discount on trips & events, right?

A.   No, you aren't a member of the Wailers until you have been officially pinned . Meetup, Facebook, and other social media are used by the club to communicate and manage some activities, but are in no way related to being a full fledged Wailers member in good standing.

Q.  How do I become a member of the Wailers?

A.  Persons interested in joining the Wailers must fill out a membership application, pay an application fee and then satisfy  requirements of membership by participating in at least five (5) Wailers sanctioned events within a 6 month period.  Once that has occurred, the Board of Directors will review your application,  taking into account your general attitude, overall level of enthusiasm participation and then vote on whether or not to grant membership.  Upon a "thumbs up" from the Board, a "pinning ceremony" will take place and you will be welcomed into the Wailers family!


Q.  What are the requirements of membership?

A.  Each candidate must participate in at least five (5) Wailers sanctioned activities and display enthusiasm and a positive attitude.  


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